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Hello! I’m Bernie Ritchie – and I specialise in coaching for reinvention and for those in mid-life. It may be that you need help with getting out of a mid-career rut and reinventing yourself for career longevity and fulfilment. Alternatively, you may need coaching support and guidance to navigate self-driven or life-imposed life transitions at any stage of your life. Either way, I am here to help.

My own background is as a mid-life professional woman, and trained coach, with extensive marketing and leadership experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Equally, I am someone who has multi-layered levels of life experience in varying degrees. I am a confident, pragmatic and resilient person with a strong interest in applying intuition and resourceful creativity to life’s problems for optimum results.

Reinvention, resilience and a reframed mindset can always help in making tangible and lasting shifts out of life’s many ruts and bumps in the road. If you are interested in coaching and reinventing the next chapter of your life, why not get in touch?


Coaching helps you to stand back from the often messy confusion of your life and reflect on what to let go of, what to hold onto and what fresh dream to go after. When life tells you – in bold or more subtle terms – that the moment has come to reinvent your working life or elements of your personal life, it is time to start your reinvention journey. Coaching can help you to navigate that journey, trigger insights and provide clarity along the way. 

Mid-life Career Transition Coaching

Executive & Career Coaching

I offer coaching that helps you to keep your executive career skillset fresh and relevant. I can also help you with career reinvention and transitions as well as how to get unstuck when you hit the career doldrums. I specialise in mid-life career issues.

Mid-life Life Transition Coaching

Life Transition Coaching

Life has many bumps in the road, whether life-imposed or self-imposed. I help you to navigate life’s stresses, struggles and challenges. I hold space for you and can act as a reinvention catalyst enabling you to uncover and unleash your hidden potential. I specialise in mid-life transition coaching.


What people say?

I had recently set up a company and was looking for clarity on how to balance my working life and personal commitments when I met Bernie. Her warmth and gentle nature make opening up to her effortless. She had a proactive and goal-driven approach, encouraging me to commit to small actions at the end of each meeting to help me further explore areas we had discussed. Many aspects of my life have improved through the work I did with her, I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Vicki Thomson

Giving a new turn to my professional life, needing advice on the English professional environment, on my skills to put forward and needing to increase my self-confidence, Bernie was there for me. Always listening to my goals and my expectations, she adapted to my requests while questioning me to help me progress and advance the specificity of my wishes. After just a few coaching sessions and follow-up by email, she allowed me to get a job interview, prepare it calmly and finally get my current job. Without her, I would surely have had much more difficulty. But her support and the actions to be taken between each meeting boosted me and gave me confidence in what I could bring to a company. Thank you Bernie for this support and kindness.


Bernie is a natural coach. She has the ability to get right to the point, asking incisive questions and guiding conversations skilfully to pinpoint areas for development, as well as suggestIng practical ways to seek solutions. I found my sessions both enjoyable and educative, and would recommend Bernie for anyone looking to take next steps in their career development - or unlock problems that might be holding them back. 

Emma Gilpin Jacobs

Bernie's no-nonsense coaching helped me through a tricky time with my business and by setting it within the wider context of the rest of life, helped me focus on the changes I needed and wanted to make.


Bernie is a fantastic coach. She is very kind, attentive and insightful. Her light way of being combined with amazing professionalism makes the coaching sessions very special. Bernie moved me forward so much and I remain eternally grateful that she has helped me identify the key challenge and many fantastic options to address it. I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to do a deep but gentle coaching work. 

Sylwia Korsak

Bernie knows the business world inside out, so she understands how tough it is to pivot careers. Thanks to this and her well-honed coaching skills, I was able to build the strategies and confidence to move my career forward in a much more fulfilling direction. 


For me Bernie's ability to listen and to gently and curiously ask questions really helped me examine where I was and who I wanted to be, aided by a variety of tools that helped me reflect on some dynamics I hadn't known or thought of. She's helped find a newer version of myself, one that I am increasingly proud of.

Luke Bastiani

Bernie's coaching style is both pragmatic and empathetic.  She really listens to you and her questioning is sharp and to the point, allowing you to think honestly about situations and methods to resolve them. Very insightful.


Bernie's natural, authentic and empathic approach enabled me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. Throughout our time together, we unravelled and explored what was really important to me that allowed me to move forward. Big thank you to Bernie


Stuck? Choose reinvention!


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