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In these dynamic and uncertain times, the art of reinvention is an increasingly essential requirement for our life skillset. We can all get stuck and mired in the tramlines of life. Sometimes we are resourceful enough to extricate ourself from the mire and the stuckness. At other times, we could really benefit from the clarity, calm and insight that comes with coaching support. My coaching services can help you to recalibrate, reinvent and build resilience so that you can soar to fresh heights in your life.

Free Consultation

Book a 30 minute discovery session where we can explore your coaching needs and current life challenges.

Reinvention Trigger

Coaching gives you the space to unpack your life, reshape your goals and trigger transformative insights and strategies.

Confidence Boost

The clarity you gain over the course of several coaching sessions helps you to feel both clear and confident.

Mid-life Career Transition Coaching

Executive & Career Coaching

I work one-on-one with business executives at all levels, founders, entrepreneurs and high achievers. I specialise in midlife career coaching and those who need to reinvent their careers.

Together, we will shape a personalised coaching support programme based on your work goals, challenges and ambitions. We explore where you are now, where you want or need to go, and strategies to get you there. Through a series of powerful deep-dive conversations, we will explore areas for development that we identify. These are likely to be honing self-awareness, resourcefulness, leadership skills and confidence levels. We will also look at how to get unstuck and close the gap around your career reinvention ambitions. We will create a unique coaching programme that maps your business goals and strategic intent. Our coaching programme will take you on a journey away from the foothills and towards the peak of your business life potential and goals.

"Bernie is a natural coach. She has the ability to get right to the point, asking incisive questions and guiding conversations skilfully to pinpoint areas for development, as well as suggestIng practical ways to seek solutions. I found my sessions both enjoyable and educative, and would recommend Bernie for anyone looking to take next steps in their career development - or unlock problems that might be holding them back."
Emma Gilpin Jacobs

Life Transition Coaching

I work with individuals of all kinds and types who are looking for transformative coaching that can trigger change within themselves. My coaching can provide fresh insight and help my clients to take massive action to build bigger dreams and seek greater possibilities. I specialise in mid-life transition coaching.

We will work one-on-one to design a bespoke plan which focuses on your unique goals, challenges and any areas for reinvention. Through a series of powerful deep-dive conversations, we will explore life areas for development that you identify. These could be anything from overwhelm, confidence, clarity and happiness issues to finding fresh life balance and deeper meaning during these challenging times of the current global pandemic. We will also look at how to get unstuck and close the gap around your reinvention ambitions. Your coaching programme will also help you to see your life and default patterns and behaviours objectively and will support you in creating new habits and fresh goals and  ambitions.

The programme will be underpinned by periods of reflection and bespoke tools and exercises that will help you achieve the results you want. We all get stuck and forget that we can shake ourselves up and reinvent our lives. This coaching programme is here to support you on that powerful journey.

Mid-life Life Transition Coaching

Life Transition Coaching

"Bernie's natural, authentic and empathic approach enabled me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. Throughout our time together, we unravelled and explored what was really important to me that allowed me to move forward. Big thank you to Bernie"
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This ebook will take you on a journey to powerful change and guide you through to fresh peaks of success.