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Very often we can hover too cautiously on the threshold to reinvention and change. Or, to put it another way, as Alexander Graham Bell famously said: “When one door closes, another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

Doors can be a useful metaphor for understanding the scope and trajectory of our reinvention. They can represent the transition between the old and the new; between our old stale environments and the promise of the fresh and the new. Doorways symbolise the path of change for us. A gateway to new experiences and a reinvented life.  Doors can bring a tantalising sense of fresh possibilities. So close, if we choose to step through the doorway. So far, if we hesitate for too long and cling to our old life and habits.

From the old to the new

Metaphorically speaking, stepping through a door will take us from one distinct space – old, very familiar and with its own unique energy blend – to another new space whose energy is promising but as yet unknown. We know that everything we need for our latest reinvention is on the other side of the door but too often we stand in awe of the closed door ahead and can’t muster enough courage or energy to unlock it and pass through. Or we unlock the door but, again, spend too much time in the door frame, hesitant about owning the new experiences ahead and leaving the past behind.

Using resilience for dynamic change

What we need here is a sense of resilience. In this context, resilience is the ability to bounce forward, to rebuild, to pivot. No matter how detailed and imaginative your anticipated reinvention, it is a hard-wired resilience mindset that will see you through to the other side of the door. Without resilience we can so easily resort subconsciously to our default behaviour patterns and hover at the gateway of a fresh start, or even retreat. Without resilience we may have a very stuttery and shaky start to our latest reinvention phase.

If you imagine that doors represent the blending of two different sets of energies – the old and familiar with the fresh and the new – you can begin to understand the early stages of reinvention. The more you bounce forward and allow the old and new energies to blend – and the greater your intention to reinvent [no matter what reinvention project you have in mind] – the more powerful and embedded the reinvention.

Resilience is building the capacity to ensure you have the patience, focus and control to evolve your newly imagined reinvented life. Once set on your path of reinvention, you will need as much focus, attention and dedication as you can muster to get you there. Resilience gives you the iron will to navigate with grit through the choppy waters of reinvention. Resilience gets you through those difficult doorways – and helps you to master your reinvention goals.

Getting unstuck

We get stuck at the point of change if we cling ferociously to the old and familiar past rather than embracing the new possibilities we have visualised with gusto and courage. In 2020, life is telling us, like it or not, that the doors to our old cosy and familiar environments are closing. With that in mind, why not spend the rest of 2020 honing your ability to step into the new with far greater intention and alacrity. Nothing we need is behind us. Life is giving us resilience to push those doors open and step through. Reinvention with intention is the solution.

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